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We are honored to publish these
unsolicited comments from our customers
upon receipt of their orders:

Name: Amy Jara
Location: Stockton, California

Item(s) purchased: Goat and Draft Horse T-Shirts

Comments: I just wanted to thank you for the great t'shirts. I bought them as Christmas presents and they are so perfect!!!! You have a wonderful product!!! Thanks Again...


Name: Stefanie O'Dell
Location: Oxford, Florida

Item(s) purchased: Appaloosa Horse T-Shirts

Comments: Just letting you know how pleased I am with the speed of the delivery, fastest I've EVER received anything and from across the country no less! And the quality of the Appaloosa t-shirts is unbeatable. Beautiful designs that have not been splashed all over the place already. Love it love it love it! You shipped on Saturday and I got them Monday morning! Could not ask for better everything. Thanks.


Name: Leona Vallone
Location: Somerton, Arizona

Item(s) purchased: Trail Riding T-Shirts

Comments: Thank you. I am sure we will enjoy them. I have ordered many other shirts from you for gifts and for myself and everyone raves about them. Thanks again.


Name: Gary W. Zimmerman
Location: Keaau, Hawaii

Item(s) purchased: Appaloosa and Trail RidingT-Shirts

Comments: Aloha from the Big Island. Just a quick note, with a very big Thank-you. Your service was prompt, courteous, and just a real pleasure to deal with. And your product was top of the line. I'm impressed with your T-Shirts and your horses collection. I will be a return customer. Thank you.


Name: Dorothy Richards
Location: Freeport, New York

Item(s) purchased: Custom Shirts for Holiday Gifts

Comments: Sharon..... sharon,,,,,,, sharon....we received the order today ........ How can I explain how we feel??? Everything .... was .... outrageous!!! YOU... WILL NEVER KNOW HOW HAPPY YOU MADE US AS ......... we opened each and every package you sent us.... Each was an experience in itself.....My dear,,,,you have out did yourself in so many ways.. and including customer service and response time.... God sent me to you for how happy you made me when the package came today.....what a tribute you are to your Dad.....Everything is better than I could even imagine ....and I can't wait for Kimmy's birthday present opening in PA when we celebrate her birthday with that gorgeous night shirt with Marsha and Gus. Her mom's birthday is the day after and we will celebrate that too with the sweatshirt of Marsha and Gus ..... Thank you so much for making "Galloping Granny" a happy Granny .......your parents raised you right like I hope I did ....AND ......thank you so much for the extra decals .....what a gal! Happy thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family....Is there a way I could as a consumer, write a letter about your creditability?????? Please dear I want to do it... And, the last thing is, my honey is a textile designer now retired and he was in awe!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx


Name: Cindy Coffman
Location: Rogersville, Missouri

Item(s) purchased: Custom Mini Horse T-Shirts

Comments: I had ordered two t-shirts from you for my Christmas presents but I didn't get to see them until today when I unwrapped them. They are absolutely perfect and I just love them!!!! You made one with my stallion's pictures (Beau Zenith), and another one that said, "Proud to Drive A Mother Natures Mini." These are beyond my expectations, and I just had to let you know. We just started raising minis about five years ago, but I think that with every horse we sell from now on, I am going to give them a t-shirt that says "Proud To Own A Mother Natures mini." I am that impressed with these shirts, and I think that my new owners would love them and be proud of them. Take care and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Name: Candy Abernathey
Location: North Dakota

Item(s) purchased: Barrel Racing and Reining T-Shirts

Comments: Oh my goodness!!! You are absolutely wonderful! I've never seen such beautiful work on tshirts.. the pictures look just like profiles of my daughter and the people think its really her and her two horses. You're fantastic and the packing and shipping was so perfect and fast!! Thank you so much and I will be sending more business your way! Thanx so much!!! Merry Christmas.


Name: Lora Hall
Item(s) purchased: Horse T-Shirt

Comments: Got the shirt I ordered already. It's just what I had in mind and in plenty of time for Christmas. Many thanks. It is a pleasure doing business with you.


P.S. You ROCK!

Name: Anne King
Location: Maumelle, Arkansas

Item(s) purchased: Personalized Photo Shirt

Comments: I received the sweatshirt that I ordered - It is AWESOME!!!! Great job!!! My daughter will love it! Thanks again!!!!


Name: Debbie Manske
Location: Hastings, Nebraska

Item(s) purchased: Llama Shirt

Comments: Thanks so much for sending the shirt you shipped so fast it was great the quality is great and I will order from you again. Thanks again.


Name: Beth DeTroyer
Location: Limestone, Tennessee

Item(s) purchased: Patriotic Horse Shirts

Comments: Got myorder today.. Thanks a lot.. Very pleased with the print.. My niece will love her western pleasure shirt, and I will definitely send you some pictures of our big dappled sweeties after the mud dries a bit. Thanks again, referring you to all the horsey people we know... Merry Christmas.


Name: ebay user: the_first_son
Item(s) purchased: Christmas T-Shirt

Comments: I am one who found your store on ebay, but decided to go with the sure thing and buy directly from the store - not off ebay. Well, consequently, I can't give you an ebay feedback, which you most certainly deserve. Your service is the most speedy I have encountered, and the product is just what I expected it would be. I know my daughter is going to love her new Christmas t-shirt. I will be the first to pass your name around. Thank you!!

A satisfied mom!

Name: Rhonda Elmore
Location: New Market, Tennessee

Item(s) purchased: Custom Photo Shirts with custom scenery added

Comments: The shirts came today. They are so beautiful that I had to go ahead and give them to jerry and Chelsea now so I can wear mine tomorrow! They are perfect!! Thank you so much. Chelsea is so pleased that she is wearing hers to her 4H Horse Project meeting tomorrow night! I can't believe how pretty the composite is! You are an artist!!


Name: Karen Erickson
Location: Sammamish, Washington

Item(s) purchased: Custom Photo T-Shiirts

Comments: Oh my goodness, I thought Max's shirt was beautiful, but the job you did on Sugar's is FABULOUS! Brittany will be in 7th heaven when she opens it. And thank you so much for tucking that cute little stuffed pony inside. It does look like Sugar! Needless to say, you've helped make her Xmas super. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job. You've really made my day!


Name: Kathy Rohrich
Location: Kent, Washington

Item(s) purchased: Saddle Club Banquet Shirts

Comments: Just to let you know... I received the sweatshirts and they look great! My daughter can't wait to give them out at the banquet. if anyone asks, I'll be sure to tell them what your web site is.... Thanks again and I'll be talking to you about our club logo...


Name: Lori Anderson
Location: San Bruno, California

Item(s) purchased: Norwegian Fjordhorse T-Shirt

Comments: Dear Sharon, Thank you so much, for your prompt service. I will tell all my friends about your store. i really appreciate you sending me the shirt so quickly. I will definitely shop with you again.


Name: Aed MacLeoid
Location: Texline, Texas

Item(s) purchased: Personalized Draft Horse T-Shirts

Comments: I received the box yesterday. I love the products. I will definitely keep your email in case I need more... they will represent my business very well.


Name: David Rogers
Location: Devine, Texas

Item(s) purchased: Appaloosa Freedom Shirt

Comments: Hello. I received the shirt the other day and it is really beautiful. I plan on doing more business with you in the future. Thank you for the very prompt delivery.


Name: John Andersen
Location: Broomfield, Colorado

Item(s) purchased: 19 Customized Shirts

Comments: We got the shirts on Friday and I started handing them out on Saturday, they are a big hit. They turned out really well so I'm sure I will be ordering more. Thanks again.


Name: Karen and Taylor
Location: Texarkana, Texas

Item(s) purchased: 75 custom Marching Band T-Shirts

Comments: The shirts arrived Thursday around noon! Talk about great timing. They looked wonderful... the design on the back turned out great and all the band members really liked them. The directors loved them, too...Thanks again!

Karen and Taylor

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